Security Technologies

Since 9/11, there has been a major transformation in every aspect of security. However, there is no area of security that has seen as rapid an advancement as the area of security technologies.

Advances in security hardware, software and video technologies has made the most sophisticated security ever available to industry, businesses and homeowners. Technology is now more affordable than ever before, depending on your budget, you can acquire a professionally installed system that will provide you with the best security available for your application.

Businesses and homeowners can now be notified of an intrusion by email or text message to a person’s cell phone. An individual can then access individual cameras at the location via an internet capable cell phone or PDA, from anywhere in the world.

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List of technologies available:

  • • Video Surveillance Systems: temporary & permanent, CCTV
  • • Remote Video Access: via computer & cell phone
  • • Video Patrols
  • • Video Monitoring
  • • Electronic Access Control & Article Surveillance
  • • GPS Tracking: personal & vehicle
  • • Radio Frequency ID
  • • Fire & Safety Products